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Understand Fine Aspects of Lash Beauty                       

Irabale is known for beautiful and natural looking lash lift. Nowadays curling of natural lashes upward right from root has become integral part of beauty. Fake lashes are also in market but they are not very impressive. If you already have good length lashes then it can be lifted quite easily.


We have been doing lash lifting in Melbourne since last 10 years and received tremendous responses. Once we do this then it lasts for at least 2 months without any maintenance. Adhesives used with fake lashes are cancerous and it takes time to wear them. Save your precious time and money, opt for lash lifting.


What are fine aspects of lash lift Melbourne?

Lash lifting last for month and it is like perm for your lash. This process is quite easy and DIY kit is also available in market. Silicon tape, lotion, curling tool and expert work together to lift lashes.


What are advantages of lash lift in Melbourne?

  • There is no need of ongoing maintenance.

  • No requirement of eyelash curlers

  • You are going to save your precious time

  • No requirement of mascara

  • Eyes will appear open and youthful

  • It lasts for more than 8 weeks

3 Interesting Things about Melbourne

  1. During era of Gold Rush in 1850s, this was the wealthiest city in the world.

  2. Chinatown of Melbourne is the largest settlement of Chinese people outside China.

  3. Tramway of Melbourne is 4th largest in the world. 

Parkville, Port Melbourne, Southbank, Albert Park, Elwood, Port Melbourne, Ripponlea, St Kilda East, Southbank, South Wharf, Abbotsford, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Cremorne, Fairfield, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill, Eaglemont, Eltham North, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Macleod

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