We love the thick and fluffy brow trend and would like to keep our clients’ brows thick and full. We remove the excess hairs to create a perfect shape tailored to you. Add tint to get the brows look fuller and more pronounced.

Duration: 20min

Price: 49


Untitled design(21).png

Men Brows

We avoid redesigning the eyebrows. What we do is to follow the natural shape and make slight changes within reason to lift the brows and make them look groomed and polished.

Duration: 20min

Price: 29


Henna Brows

Henna is a great semi-permanent tint for the brows that stains the skin and creates a shadow-like makeup underneath the existing brow hair. Henna lasts longer than a normal tint.



Duration: 30min

Price: 39


Eyebrow lamination is the new trend to get your featheriest brow ever. The goal is to achieve thicker, fuller, and fluffy brows without needing a brow gel. It Lasts for 4-6 weeks.



Duration: 30min

Price: 75


Eyelash Lift & Tint


Lash Lift is a low maintenance treatment that curls and lift your natural lashes in an upward position. It is a bra push up for lashes. It enhances the length and the shape of your natural lashes. Say goodbye to your lash curler.



Duration: 60min


Price: 103



If you are tired of filling your brows and still can’t get committed to any permanent solution Microblading is a good start. We draw hair-like strokes to mimic the natural hairs. The procedure is done with a hand tool to implant the pigment into the top layer of the skin. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that fills the gaps and enhances the natural look of eyebrows. It Lasts between 6-18 months. Microblading is not suitable for oily skin.


Duration: 2.5hrs


Price: 800


Ombré/Powder Brows

Ombré/Powder Brows mimics the look of brow makeup with more defined filled in look. This technique gives a soft shaded and powdery look on the front of the brows. Ombré is performed with a machine that disperses extremely fine dots of pigments on the brows in an airbrush or shading technique. The final look is lighter from the front and darker from the middle to the end to achieve an ombré and powdery look. This method lasts longer than Microblading and suits every skin type.



Duration: 2.5hrs

Price: 800


Combination Brows


Combination brows is an ultimate brow treatment that combined both Microblading and Ombre/ Powder Techniques. With Combo Brows, the inner or the front of the brows is feathered with hair-like strokes while the tail is powdered for perfect definition. This technique is Ira’s favo.



Duration: 2.5hrs

Price: 850

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Ira Bale's name is synonymous with creating iconic beauty and for her (& her team) renowned talent of sculpting the perfect arch. Customizing our approach to you and your unique features, the result is a chic way for women & men to tame and maintain exquisite brows & lashes. We have studied and perfected creating the ideal arches and long thick lashes you dream of.

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