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Irabale: Get your Brows like Never Before

Irabale is one of the prominent names for eyebrows feathering, microblading, tattooing etc. Our trained staff and latest machines create soothing experience and long lasting results. Eyebrow feathering transformation that lasts for long time and process takes hardly an hour. Our micro blade is especially designed to create fine stroke.

In Melbourne and nearby areas, eyebrow feathering and tattooing have been in high demand since years. Nowadays pigments are used in brows treatment that disappears with time. In our services, we maintain quality along with affordability.

What is Microblading of  brows?    

Microblading is a technique used for creation of hair like strokes. This is a semi-permanent tattooing process that lasts for long time. There will be no use of pencil or gel.

Is ink used in Microblading safe for skin?

Ink used is highly degradable. Human immune system has not shown any adverse affect of ink. This process has been in market since years so there should be no such doubt. After getting Microblading, touchups needed yearly or bi-yearly.


How many sessions required for perfect brows?

On an average two sessions required. First session and after 3-4 weeks again one session required for process to complete. Skin type and climate are two prime factors affecting process.


Which type of skin not perfect for Microblading?

Microblading is hard to do for oily skins because of rejection of pigmentation. Pigment hydration is also one of the prime reasons why oily skin is imperfect.


How much time required for Microblading of brows?

Roughly it takes about 2 hours to complete process. Structure and thickness of brow matters while going through process.


Do eyebrows grow back after Microblading?

Definitely yes, time required varies from person to person. It can take from 3 to 6 months.


5 Interesting Facts about Melbourne:

  • Melbourne has highest number of bars, restaurants per 100 people anywhere in the world.

  • This city is imports more than 30 tonnes of coffee per day which is far more than London and New York.

  • By 2030, Melbourne will take over Sydney in terms of population.

  • More than 58% population is born overseas that is one of the highest in the world.   

  • During era of Victorian gold rush, this was one of the largest as well as richest cities in the world.

Carlton, Docklands, Kensington, Parkville, South Wharf, Abbotsford, Alphington, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill, Richmond, Bellfield, Eltham, Heidelberg Heights


For more information about brows Melbourne, you can check website or ask for consultation. 

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